Regulations for Speed Examinations

This Society was the first organisation to grant certificates for speed in writing Shorthand – of which it has issued many thousands. Shorthand Examinations can be arranged and held anywhere in the world, at any time, provided the necessary arrangements are made locally and have been approved by the IPS Shorthand Board. The IPS reserves the right to arrange for a representative to be in attendance at any Examination to observe the proceedings and to ensure that the rules and regulations are satisfactorily enforced. The material in IPS Shorthand examination passages will be of a syllabic intensity not in excess of 1.5.

Shorthand examination passages should be ordered not less than ten days before they are required. It is preferred that orders should be on the official order form, but people known to the Society may order by telephone at short notice and then confirm on the Form.

The Supervisor is requested to ensure that there is no opportunity for candidates to either copy each other’s work or to confer together verbally.

In no circumstances may the examination passages be read more than once to, or in the hearing of, the candidates. Punctuation marks must not be read.

Candidates must provide their own shorthand paper and put their names on the front page before affixing it securely to their transcriptions on which their name should be written clearly, together with the date and the speed transcribed.

Transcriptions must be on A4 paper with a 1″ margin, written in ink or (if it can be arranged conveniently at the centre) typed.

An English dictionary may be used, and spelling errors are penalised.

Candidates may attempt several speeds of dictation before deciding which one to transcribe. If no transcription is handed in for marking the shorthand notes must be handed to the invigilator. Transcripts of more than one speed may be submitted. In such cases, the second transcript must be on a separate sheet of paper, and a separate entry form completed accompanied by the extra fee. A candidate completing transcription before the allotted time may leave the examination room if doing so does not disrupt other candidates. All papers connected with the exam must be handed in before the candidates leave the examination room.

It is preferable for Readers to always have a checker present to check the accuracy of the reading. However, if prior permission has been granted by the IPS Council, single Readers may read test pieces to candidates at speeds up to and including 140 wpm. Speeds of 150 wpm and above must either be conducted by a taped examination, or a second person be present to check the Reader’s accuracy and mark any errors on a copy of the examination paper and, later, on the official form.

Fees for IPS Shorthand examinations are as shown on the accompanying list, but Centres are allowed to add a Local Fee to cover overheads.

The Chair, – 020 8907 8249