Where Does The IPS Come From?

1872 – Towards the end of 1872 seventeen enthusiastic writers of Pitman’s Shorthand (Phonography) held a meeting in Tachbrook Street in London’s Pimlico, under the chairmanship of Robert Ababrelton. At that meeting the Phonetic Shorthand Writers Association started.

1890 – On 31st October at a well-attended meeting held in the Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London, the National Phonographic Society was formed. This appears to have led an independent existence for four years.

1894 – In 1894 the Phonetic Shorthand Writers’ Association and the National Phonographic Society amalgamated to a limited extent.

1898 – In that year the two bodies dropped their separate titles and formed a joint society under the name of The Incorporated Phonographic Society. The date on the Memorandum of Association is 19th July 1898.

Thus it can be seen that in 1998 we celebrated the Centenary of our incorporation. A Luncheon was held at the Tower Hotel in London with special guests, and Companies House presented us with a special Certificate.

Who are members of the IPS?

Court and other verbatim reporters, journalists, teachers of shorthand and typewriting, private secretaries, and other shorthand enthusiasts.

What does the IPS do?

As the oldest society of shorthand writers in the world, it awards certificates and trophies which are accepted as proof of undoubted shorthand proficiency. It encourages shorthand writers to reach the highest speeds of which they are capable by providing regular speed dictation practice. Meetings are held on-line from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm every Monday.

New participants are always welcome. Please contact Mary Sorene for details.

£5 per hour session. £3 During the Covid-19 pandemic!

The Society arranges shorthand examinations when required, offering results without delay. All recognised systems of shorthand are accepted in IPS speed examinations and users of all systems are welcome at the practice sessions. The IPS is the only organisation holding shorthand speed examinations specially for Court Reporters, as well as in general terminology.

The IPS also has a Typewriting Board which offers examinations at all levels.

For further information please contact Mary Sorene on 020 8907 8249 or marysorene@ntlworld.com.